back in the saddle

Well, I have been in Denmark for the past week, training, observing and just sight-seeing (a bit).

I've got a brain full of new methods, ideas and standards for my performance in Bern, and I'm excited to put those into action. I'm realizing that being away from "work" for over a week is very hard to recouperate from. I spent over 1/2 an hour yesterday just listening to voicemail...nobody calls me. I usually get like 3 phonecalls a week. Luckily, while I was abroad I could receive/send email once a day or so.

I'm looking forward to continuing my training, getting back to the office on a daily basis, and seeing how things pan out with the new and improved routine.

Back in the saddle, indeed.



Hello World.

Here it is, for better or worse. I'll be updating the int0rw3b on the (hopefully) daily life of the USBC Champion for 2006. My world is already turned on its head, I'll use this to help me right the ship.

Stay tuned.

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