Dose of humility.

The 0 mph fall. It's in many a bicyclists' tales of the road. I had my first today. I was at the intersection of Fullerton and Clark while running some errands and just out having a nice ride to clear my head of everything from the past two weeks.

I was trackstanding at the intersection, waiting for the traffic to clear/light to change and for some reason I clipped out with my right foot instead of my left (which I usually do) to put my foot down. Next thing I know I'm on my way to the pavement. There's no stopping this when it happens. I became a pile of limbs entangled in an upturned bicycle. Luckily, I had some time to get up and make sure i was unscathed before the light changed. Additionally, there weren't too many pedestrians either to see my miraculous feat of skill.

I zipped to the next block and turned to some side streets to get my thoughts together before cracking up at myself.

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